Disney and art go hand in hand. From their early, beautifully crafted cartoons and feature films, to professionally licensed Disney artists reimagining Disney characters in new and original ways. There are art galleries dedicated to Disney art. There’s even an annual Disney art festival at Disney’s Epcot theme park.

The Three Amigos Ride Again (Disney surf art) by Damian Fulton
The Three Amigos Ride Again by Damian Fulton

Disney (surf) art

People love surfing. People love Disney. Why not mix the two? This article is a curation of surfing inspired Disney art we’ve found and loved. Please share your favourite Disney surf art with us, by tagging @clubofthewaves on Instagram or Twitter.

Let’s start with this gem (below) of a short film from 1937, called Hawaiian Holiday, where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy go surfing in Hawaii. Legend has it, this film was the origin of the term ‘goofy-footer’.

Hawaiian Holiday. A Disney surf film from 1941

Artist, Damian Fulton recreated a scene from Hawaiian Holiday:

Goofy Footer (Disney surf art) by Damian Fulton
Goofy Footer by Damian Fulton
Waiting For Waves (Disney Stitch surf art) by Rob Kaz
Waiting For Waves by Rob Kaz
Wave of Ohana (Disney's Lili and Stitch art) by Rodel Gonzalez
Wave of Ohana by Rodel Gonzalez
Mickahuna (Disney surf art) by Tim Rogerson
Mickahuna by Tim Rogerson
Disney surf art by Tim Rogerson
Disney art by Tim Rogerson
Pluto's Tropical Meeting (Disney surf art) by Rob Kaz
Pluto’s Tropical Meeting by Rob Kaz
Go With The Flow (Disney Stitch surf art) by Rob Kaz
Go With The Flow by Rob Kaz
Da Mouse (Disney surf art) by Trevor Mekaz
Da Mouse by Trevor Mezak

The painting above is a homage to John Severson‘s iconic photo of Greg “Ba Bull” Noll at Pipeline, Hawaii, in 1964:

A scene from Disney's short film, Ku'u Lei Melody
A scene from Disney’s short film, Ku’u Lei Melody
Disney surf art by Thomas Kinkade
Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii by Thomas Kinkade
Surfing With Friends (Disney surf art) by Jim Warren
Surfing With Friends by Jim Warren
Summer Escape (Disney surf art) by James Coleman
Summer Escape by James Coleman
Moonlight Surf Crew (Disney surf art) by Rodel Gonzalez
Moonlight Surf Crew by Rodel Gonzalez
Disney's Stitch (surf art) by Adrianna Vanderstelt
Disney’s Stitch by Adrianna Vanderstelt
Disney surf art by Jim Warren
Disney painting by Jim Warren

If you want to see more Disney art, or purchase some; check these out:

Please share your favourite Disney art with us on Instagram or Twitter.

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