Club of the Waves

Damian Fulton


Artist — Los Angeles, California

Atlas Shrugged

Fascinated by the relentless love/hate experience living with one foot in the city and one foot in the sea, Los Angeles based artist Damian Fulton creates a uniquely original “urban surf” vision instantly relatable to those persevering in today’s overstimulated, pop-industrialized world. Fulton launched his art career as a cartoonist and illustrator creating counterculture comic strips like “The Shred Brothers” and “Radical Rick”, and painting surf posters for Ocean Pacific. After doing time at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising as Senior Partner Creative Director, and Marvel Productions as VP Head of Creative Development, he’s returned to his first love with a vengeance. “Damian Fulton does not airbrush surfing to make it more palatable for the masses. His paintings are unlikely to make it into a pair of hibiscus-print boardshorts anytime soon.” — Marcus Sanders, Surfline

Gold Rush
Invitation of Folly
Free Fallin’
Harvest of the Unconsolable
When the Levy Breaks (surfboard)
Dawn Patrol
Cacophony in Sea Minor
Blink-182 poster
Double Barrel
The Bathers
Gulf Minotaur
Let’s Go
60 Ways to Leave Your Lover


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