The Red Bull Illume is an international photography contest showcasing the best of adventure and action sports. We’ve curated some of our favourite surf photos and photographer quotes from the top 250 finalist images.

Bruce Irons at Namotu Island, Fiji. Photo by Stu Gibson
Caleb Reid at Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. Photo by Frode Sandbech
Kelly Slater and Ross Williams in the Marshall Islands. Photo by Morgan Maassen
Unstad, Lofoten Islands, Norway. Photo by Chris Burkard
Sean Woolnough at Namotu Island, Fiji. Photo by Stu Gibson
Rebecca Ronald in Hawaii. Photo by Morgan Maassen
Manu Bouvet at Tuamotus, French Polynesia. Photo by Ben Thouard
Shane Dorian at Maui, Hawaii. Photo by Fred Pompermayer
Jeff Croker at Sussex Inlet, Australia. Photo by Jussi Grznar
Dion Agus at Bali, Indonesia. Photo by Jason Reposar
Kelly Slater at Huntington Beach, California. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Christian Merello at Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu, Chile. Photo by Pablo Jimenez
Dana Quinn at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (United States). Photo by Matt Lusk
Waimea Bay, Hawaii. Photo by Jair Bortoleto

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