Club of the Waves

Stu Gibson


Photographer — Tasmania, Australia

Underwater wave

I was born in Tasmania in 1983. I got serious about photography around 2003, although I’ve always loved cameras and filming. It wasn’t until I borrowed a friend’s Canon EOS 5 that I fell in love with still photography. The quality amazed me! Shooting on 35mm slide film was a great and expensive test to learn the skills to become a photographer. I specialise in action shooting from the water. Surfing and kiteboarding are my passions. Aerial stills and video are also a big part of my workload since 2013.

Aerial drone – beach and ocean
Drone – Sea
Aerial drone – ocean
Khol Cristensen at Cloudbreak, Fiji
Underwater view of surfer
Aerial drone
Shipstern’s Bluff
Sunset surfer in barrel of wave
Underwater duck dive wave
Cloudbreak (Fiji) barrel
Underwater wave surfer
Ocean aerial drone
May’s Point, Tasmania
Aerial drone view of pod of dolphins
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