Club of the Waves

Morgan Maa­ssen


Photographer — Santa Barbara, California

Rincon Fire

I am a photographer from Santa Barbara, California, born in 1990. Growing up in and around the ocean has provided me with my favorite subject to photograph. The majority of my work is water-related and involves the oceanic lifestyle. I’ve also frequently incorporated my passions of travelling, nature, architecture and fashion into my work. While I strive to capture what I see as beautiful, this is often not the perfect moment. Instead, light, textures, and the abstract nature of the earth are what truly fascinates me – the human element and the infinite variables of emotion keep me on my toes when working with people. I enjoy working with both film and digital mediums, and motion pictures are the apple of my eye. I dream of nothing more than visiting the next new country, capturing whatever beauty it may hold.

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