Club of the Waves

Vera Nording


Photographer — Sri Lanka (via Sweden)


Growing up with a flight attendant mom, the world has always been my playground. I grew up in Sweden, where surfing isn’t really something you come in contact with — at least I didn’t until we went on a family vacation to Southern California. After getting hooked on surfing, my travelling became a search for waves and it made me call a lot of amazing places home, including Southern France, Costa Rica, California, Bali, and now Sri Lanka. For many years, I said to myself, ‘in my next life I’m gonna be a photographer‘. I decided to leave my job at Spotify without knowing what my next step would be, and after a couple of months it hit me, ‘this is my next life‘, or at least a new chapter. So here I am, pursuing my passion for photography, living in Sri Lanka with my partner and our three rescue dogs.


Surfer, Samia Thulin
Samia Thulin
Surfer in Biarritz, France
Lifestyle photography — female model
Eryn Krouse with a longboard
Eryn Krouse
Surfer, Flora Christin Butarbutar
Flora Christin Butarbutar
Surfer, Thillina Mauranga
Thillina Mauranga
Surfer lying on surfboard
Female surfer, Eryn Krouse
Eryn Krouse
Surfer waxing their surfboard
Surfer in Sri Lanka
Female surfer, Malin Sjöstedt
Malin Sjöstedt
Female surfer, Samia Thulin
Samia Thulin
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