Club of the Waves

Tom Servais


Photographer — California

Kalani Robb, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox and Kelly Slater
Tavarua Rights, Fiji
May 2002

I grew up as a kid in Florida, fishing off the piers of Miami Beach. When the surfing craze hit in the early 60s, I was mesmerized by it. In ‘73 I drove to California to surf and took some photo classes. That led to a job at Surfer magazine. After passing Art Brewer’s audition, I had a job that allowed me the freedom to surf when I wanted. I worked at Surfer for over 20 years, first doing darkroom prints and later in the photo department assisting Jeff Divine. It wasn’t until ’98 when I left the comfort of my Surfer office job and went freelance that my collection really grew. In the following ten or so years I spent between seven to nine months a year travelling. I’ve been very lucky to witness some great moments in surfing. I have to say I’m one of the lucky few who have had the privilege to do something they really love doing and getting paid to do it.

Rob Machado and Pat O’Connell
North Fiji
Jan 2005
Rusty's Shaping Room
South California
Aug 1999
Cloudbreak, Fiji
Healey’s 8’6”
Cloudbreak, Fiji
Jun 2012
Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater
Tavarua Island, Fiji
May 1992
Java, Indonesia
Dec 2008
Bruce Irons
Bruce Irons
Cloudbreak, Fiji
Jul 2011
Alex Knost
Alex Knost
Trestles, California
Jan 2009
French Polynesia
May 2006
Gabe's Bus
20 Foot Cloudbreak
Apr 1998
Shane Dorian
Shane Dorian at Pipe Masters
Oahu, Hawaii
Dec 2003
Surfer portraits
The Gun Club
North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Dec 1987
Herbie Fletcher
Herbie Fletcher
Trestles, California
Oct 2007
Peahi (Jaws)
Coconut Willie
Peahi (Jaws), Hawaii
Jan 2016
Surfer sleeping in board bag
Ben Haigh-Indies Trader Cook
Aug 2003
Pat O’Connell
Pat O'Connell
Honolulu Zoo, Oahu, Hawaii
Nov 1998
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