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Jim Russi


Photographer — Oahu, Hawaii

Andy Irons at Pipeline
Although Andy Irons didn't know this would be his last day at his beloved Pipeline, he did make the best of it.

In 1978, Jim came to the North Shore of Oahu, for a “week-long surf trip”. He is still here. Long before auto-focus, digital cameras and Instagram, surf photography in the 70s was an up and coming field with only a handful of photographers in the water. For 30+ years, Jim has travelled the world, serving as Senior Staff Photographer for all the major U.S. surf magazines. Jim has also been a great influence on women’s surfing and longboard surfing. Beyond editorial magazine work, Jim has collaborated closely on numerous advertising campaigns, most well-known for his work with Roxy. Jim spends most of his days in the water, surfing and shooting, doing what he loves and bringing a fresh soulful beauty with his images for others to enjoy. Visit the Rocky Point Collective gallery on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii to see Jim’s photos and his wife, Mia’s Jewelry. Jim’s photos are published in a great book titled, Flying Through the Clouds.

Pipeline Masters Final 2006
2006 Pipeline Masters final, with Kelly Slater and Andy Irons for the win and the World Title, Andy got it.
Victoria’ Secret model x Roxy
That one year Roxy decided to use Victoria's Secret models. East Oahu.
Chun’s Reef, Oahu
Oh when the sun goes down, she'll be grovin'. Chun's Reef, Oahu.
Kelia Moniz
Kelia Moniz, Tahitian Shake.
Kolohe Andino
Kolohe Andino, into the sunset at Rocky Point, Hawaii.
Female surfer
Female surfer.
Pipeline barrel
Inside out, Pipeline.
Russi boys
Russi boys. Surf check country style. North Shore of Oahu.
Gas Chambers
Gas Chambers. Someone lit a match. North Shore, Oahu.
Jamie O’Brien at Pipeline
Jamie O'Brien, doing what he does best at Pipe.
Monyca Eleogram
Monyca Eleogram into the light for Roxy, Mentawais.
North Shore, Oahu
The North Shore of Oahu with only you and two friends out. Epic.
Kelia Moniz
Kelia Moniz.
John John Florence at Pipeline
Pipeline Party, the greatest show on Earth. Where else can you watch a wave this beautiful, standing right next to John John Florence as he prepares for "show time".
Keoki Saguibo
Keoki Saguibo. Rainbow rider at Ehukai Beach Park, Oahu.
Kalani Chapman at Pipeline
If you think this wave Kalani Chapman is riding at Pipeline is big (and it is), check out the wave behind it!
Shaper, Dick Brewer
Master shaper, Dick Brewer, breaking out the big guns and a cold beer.
Dave Wassel at Pipeline
Dave Wassel blurring the lines at Pipeline.
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