Club of the Waves

Cait Miers


Photographer — Byron Bay, Australia

Lisa Anderson (female surfer)

Cait Miers unique and authentic approach to photography has seen her working with clients from all over the world. She’s one of the leading women’s surf photographers in the industry, and that was her dream right from the start. Her goal is to inspire elegance and femininity in women’s surfing, and continue to shoot people and places from all walks of life! Cait’s fashion-based work has grown rapidly over the past few years, and she is passionate about conceptualising her client’s vision and bringing it to life, with her own twist of course. Recently working with high profile clients such as Roxy, Billabong and Lululemon, as well as travel tourism bodies in the Northern Territory, WA and Victoria, Australia. Cait is dedicated to following her passion covering a diverse range of stories through her photography.

Elise Trigger (female surfer)
Party wave (surfer: Monyca Eleogram)
Mimi Elashiry (female model/surfer)
Female surfer (ROXY Bali)
Chloe Calmon (Brazilian female surfer)
Female model
Under/over water island palm trees
Stephanie Gilmore (underwater)
Ellie Brooks (surfer girl)
Felicity Palmateer (female surfer)
Female surfer
Victoria Vergara (female surfer paddling out)
Mainei Kinimaka (female surfer)
Surfer girl
Sophia Chapman and Ellie Brooks (Roxy surfer girls)
Justine Mauvin (female surfer)
Lady slider
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