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Amber Mozo


Photographer — North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Toes on the nose – surfboard

Living on the islands of Hawaii her whole life, photographer Amber Mozo has grown up around the ocean. She lives and breathes the sea. Inheriting a love of surfing and photography from her late father, Jon Mozo — a surf photographer himself — she’s made it her mission to travel the world, taking photos along the way. Introducing the short film below, by Tay Steele: From Hawaii to Tahiti, ‘Lumiére’ takes us behind the lens of North Shore photographer Amber Mozo, to find what the ocean gives to her in spite of what it took away.

Surfboard – black & white grain
Pipeline, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Girl’s surfing
Lightning Bolt surfboard
Seagulls ocean
Kelia Moniz, Hawaii
Ivy Thomas
Natalia Smith
Namotu reef
Ocean sunset
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