Flying Through the Clouds

World-renowned surfing and surf lifestyle photographer, Jim Russi has published a beautiful, hardcover book titled, Flying Through the Clouds.

Surfer, Kassia Meador
Kassia Meador. Beautiful water, beautiful spirit. Hawaii (2005)

Over 180 warm, dazzling photos from around the globe take readers on this surfing tour de force through Hawaii, Tahiti, California, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Fiji, Bali, Indonesia, and the islands off the coast of South Africa. The engaging text provides stories from Jim’s global travels, adding an additional dimension to the brilliant photos and fascinating encounters with celebrities in the surfing world and other realms. Flying Through the Clouds captures the simple fun of surfing, showing a lifestyle that anyone can relate to. Give yourself a chance to dream. You will be glad you did.

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More photos from the book:

Roxy surfer, Kassia Meador
Kassia Meador. Sun child. Chun’s Reef, Hawaii (2005)
Surfer, Andy Irons at the Pipe Masters, Hawaii (2006)
Andy Irons fully focussed at the 2016 Pipe Masters, Hawaii
Bikini girl at sunset
Surfer, Ronnie Burns
Ronnie Burns heading for heaven. Pipeline, Hawaii (1979)
Female surfer
Surfer, Jamie O'Brien
Jamie O’Brien. Mr Casual. Pipeline, Hawaii (2006)
Surfers on the beach in Hawaii
Flying Through the Clouds book cover
Flying Through the Clouds by Jim Russi

Jim’s new book, Flying Through the Clouds depicts his first 30 years of surf and travel adventures in fabulous colour photo images with a quirky narrative.

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