Club of the Waves

Trent Mit­chell


Photographer — Bilinga, Queensland, Australia


I’m an Australian photographer with a design and art background with a deep love for the ocean, atmospheric landscapes and exploring the world. Forever chasing deep connections and truthful perspectives, I engage people through emotion, colour and movement so they experience an inspired perspective of the world around us. I’m at my happiest on location honing my craft with the support of like-minded people in creative teams. I’m equally pleased working on personal projects, wandering aimlessly through small town Australia or immersing myself in the thick of wild ocean swells to produce my next body of work, publication or show. I live to create. I feel grateful to work on an artistic and commercial level with people, brands and natural wonders I love and respect. It’s the future that excites me the most. There’s always a new way to experience today and see things from another point of view. I believe in limitless possibilities and creative thinking and I bring this mindset to every frame.

Burleigh Drone
Bombshell Series
Border Lines
Bombshell Series
Summersite Maldives
Alana Blanchard, Rip Curl My Bikini
Fluid Amethyst
Moana Bora Bora
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