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Ted Grambeau


Photographer — Tugun, Queensland, Australia


Ted Grambeau is an internationally renowned surf adventure photographer. Shooting advertising, fashion, and action in some of the most remote regions on the planet. Aligning his philosophy of life, surf adventure and exploration with like-minded companies afforded him the opportunity to take his travels to the ends of the earth. Ted’s commercial clients range from Apple, Red Bull, Nikon, Quiksilver, Billabong, and Patagonia. With experience as a waterman from years of photographing surf in the impact zone, Ted now translates this knowledge to abstract water photography, fashion, advertising and editorial assignments in and around the water. Ted recently published a book in collaboration with Rip Curl titled “Adventures in Light” — a photographic journey of some four decades in the making.

Surfer diving into icy water
Big wave surfer
Surfers on beach
Beautiful woman underwater
Aerial view of surfer riding wave
Beach surf landscape
Big wave lines
Iceland surfer
Underwater surfer
Perfect wave
Surfers in the desert
Bruna Schmitz (Brazilian surfer)
Cold water surfing
Surfer girl silhouette
Yellow bodyboard – big wave
Surfer girl
Big wave lineup
Female surfer sunset silhouette
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