Club of the Waves

Tarish Zamora


Photographer — Philippines


To be completely honest, I never thought I’d be a surf photographer. I’ve been shooting food, portraits, interiors, and products for different brands as a freelance photographer for years. Seeing photos of the ocean from the different surf photographers around the world inspired me so much and made me feel emotions I’ve never felt towards photography before. And whenever I went out to the ocean to surf, I’d always have this feeling of wanting to share what I can see to the world. My main goal is to reach out to people who feel stressed out or anxious. I’d like for my photos to be a reminder for everyone to relax and take a breather every once in a while. To get out of the city, to go out into the ocean and play.

Female surfer
Blurred surfer
Danika Nemis
Danika Nemis
Surfer paddling
Surfer on beach
Silhouetted surfers
Danika Nemis
Alvin Pura
Ocean water
Danika Nemis
Female surfer paddling
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