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Sarah Lee


Photographer — Kona, Hawaii

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Sarah grew up as a long-distance competitive swimmer, water polo player and an avid surfer. She bought her first camera at age 15, and quickly became as attached to her viewfinder as she was to the sea. While Sarah’s Hawaii roots give her a light­hearted and care-free attitude making her a joy to work with, her uncanny ability to keep things casual while magnifying the best in what surrounds her are evident in everything she shoots. Brands, magazines, professional athletes and adventurers take up most of Sarah’s camera time, yet she still carves time to shoot everyday people doing what they love for a variety of occasions from surfing to non-commercial portrait sessions. Splitting time between Kona, Hawaii and Encinitas, California, Sarah can usually be found attached to her swim fins or viewfinder.

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