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Ming Nomchong


Photographer — Byron Bay, Australia

Beautiful woman with beetle car with surfboard on it

Australia based fashion and lifestyle photographer. Ming Nomchong loves the energy of a beautiful place, and she knows how to capture it. Raised on the east coast of Australia, Ming has built an international reputation with her feminine and highly emotive fashion and lifestyle images. With her rare combination of edge, nostalgia, and style, Ming is bringing something fresh to fashion photography. And clients as diverse as Cotton On, Grazia, and Tom Organic count on Ming’s easygoing energy and knack for capturing those “in-between” moments to bring their brands to life. Visit her blog,

Surfer girl
Surf fashion shoot
Josie Prendergast and Felicity Parmenter (surfers)
Beautiful surfer silhouette
Surf fashion shoot
Surfer paddling
Female surfer
Surfer girl
Josie Prendergast
Female surfer knee paddling
Surf fashion shoot for O’Neill
Josie Prendergast
Josie Prendergast
Surfer girl
Billabong surfer
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