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Maria Fernanda


Photographer — Mexico City, Mexico

Perfect wave in Hawaii

Born and raised in Mexico City. Since she was a young girl she has had a passion for being in water. While in high school, she was a swimmer for the regional team. Whenever she had any spare time, she would escape to the beach and enjoy surfing. Her other passion for photography started when she finished high school, taking many beautiful pictures around her hometown of Mexico City. After graduating from college, she travelled to Hawaii where she learned to combine her love of surfing with her passion for photography. Deciding in that moment to leave her city lifestyle and change it completely, starting from zero, to chase waves to capture and document around the world. This has taken her to shoot in places like Hawaii, Tahiti, California, Portugal, the Galapagos Islands, and of course Mexico, where she has developed a certain fascination for bigger and more challenging waves.

Surfer, Carlos Munoz
Carlos Munoz
Oahu wave
Surfer, Bailey Nagy
Bailey Nagy
Rainbow and wave
Surfer in the barrel
Big wave
Surfing a wave
Perfect wave in Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii
Surfer, Craig Anderson
Craig Anderson
North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Hawaiian big wave
Surfer girls
Surfer, Polly Ralda
Polly Ralda
Female big wave surfer, Polly Ralda
Polly Ralda
Surf photographers shooting a big wave
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