Club of the Waves

Karo Krassel


Photographer — Western Algarve, Portugal (via Austria)

Conchita Rössler checking out the surf

I love to explore, follow new paths, and be on adventures. In the wilderness of this world as well as into my inner landscapes. My heart beats for mother nature, the ocean, and all things outdoors, for creativity, for honest expression, for finding my own truth, and living from that authentically. Originally from Austria, I started to shoot sports in the snow, until I changed my winters for summers, my skis for a surfboard and spent time abroad. Now I am based in the beautiful wild West-Algarve, Portugal. I refined my voice in water photography when I started surfing a 9ft surfboard. I love the calmness, fluidity, and the beautiful rhythmic dance with the ocean when longboarding. It’s like poetry in motion. It reflects how I want to live, in deep connection with nature, in flow with life’s waves, with inner peace, and lightness.

Surfer girl in car
Surfer girl
Longboard surfer
Surfer at sunset
Moa Machado surfing
Geeth Madhuhansa
Female surfer
Silhouette of a surfer
Moa Machado (surfer)
Female surfer
Longboard surfing
Abstract view of a surfer through a wave
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