Club of the Waves

Julia Ochs


Photographer — Stuttgart, Germany

Female surfer

Julia Ochs creates a connection between art and activism, capturing the diverse facets, colours, and shapes of our seas. Her photographs impressively capture fascinating water textures, breathtaking landscapes, and the multifaceted beauty of the seas. Julia is also the founder of the Ocean Gallery in Stuttgart, Germany — a gallery with an ambitious goal to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect the oceans, and actively supporting various marine conservation projects financially through the sale of the works of art. 

Surfer walking on icy cold beach in snow
Portrait of female surfer in wetsuit
Aerial view of surfer paddling beyond a breaking wave
Portrait of male surfer in a cold water wetsuit
Portrait of female surfer on the beach
Surf photographer in the water
Wave breaking in a cold snowy landscape
Surfers in a desert landscape
Birdseye view of surfer
Man exploring in jungle
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