Club of the Waves

Hannah Prewitt


Photographer — Fiji (via England)

Above below

Unlike most ocean photographers, I grew up far away from the coast, in the suburbs of London, England. But I always felt drawn to the ocean, which led me to pursue a career as a marine biologist. I bought my first camera late in life when I was 28, the same time I started learning to surf. With no formal qualifications, I taught myself the art of photography and spend as much time as I can in the ocean. I’ve now developed my own personal style that translates the calm serenity of the tropics into images that help the viewer escape from their world and feel as if they were with me at the time I pressed the shutter. I enjoy shooting all ocean-based activities, surfing, freediving, as well as the ocean itself. I love that the ocean is never the same twice, so every image is completely unique.

Palm Trees
Cloudbreak, Tavarua, Fiji
Underwater bikini diver
Ocean floor
Surfer wave
Above below ocean
Above below blur
Ocean floor
Sunset SUP
Surfer air
Six Senses Fiji
Surfer barrel wave, Fiji
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