Club of the Waves

Cristina Gareau


Photographer — Tofino, British Columbia

Katherine Díaz (surfer)

I was initially drawn to photography through my, seemingly opposing, passions of art and science. The technique required to capture an image combined with that indescribable ability to transmit emotion through a picture is what I pursue in all of my work. After finishing my PhD in biology, I have spent the last several years between the mountains and the ocean of the west coast, finding inspiration in these incredible places and in the people that call them home. I’m always looking to push boundaries, as an outdoor adventure seeker, in my personal artistic practice, and continuously expanding and improving as a photographer.

Surfer girl paddling
Katherine Díaz (surfer)
Natsumi Taoka (surfer girl)
Surfer girl paddling on surfboard
Surfer and palm trees
Katherine Díaz (surfer)
Surfer girls
Female surfer
Surfer girl shaka
Katherine Díaz surfer portrait
Natsumi Taoka (surfer)
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