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Bryanna Bradley


Photographer — Tofino, British Columbia

Leah Dawson

I am a professionally trained photojournalist turned surf photographer. Although my photography has moved away from journalism and more towards surfing, I still hold documentary style photography close to my heart. I have a strong affinity towards natural lighting, beautiful giggles, and contrasting colours. My passion for documenting the raw beauty of emotions and dreamy visuals has not changed. My style of photography is based on people and the experience, including all the little moments. When I am hired, I value the trust the client has in me and my photography. I thrive to work as close as possible with my clients to make sure they feel confident, happy, and most importantly, excited about the moments I will be capturing.

Cold water surfer, Emily Grubb
Emily Grubb
Indonesian surfer, Flora Christin
Flora Christin
Roxy surfer, Chloé Calmon
Chloé Calmon
Surfer in a wetsuit
Longboard surfer, Chloé Calmon
Chloé Calmon
Brazilian surfer, Chloé Calmon
Chloé Calmon
Hawaiian surfer, Mainei Kinimaka
Mainei Kinimaka
Surfer, Summer Macedo underwater
Summer Macedo
Surfer in Tofino, BC
Hawaiian surfer, Mainei Kinimaka
Kauai Love
Mainei Kinimaka
Female surfer on beach
Brazilian female surfer, Chloé Calmon
Chloé Calmon
Mainei Kinimaka
Mainei Kinimaka
Morning Elegance (surfer)
Morning Elegance
Hawaiian women’s surfer, Zoë McDougall
Zoë McDougall
Hawaiian female surfer, Keani Canullo
Princess of Queens
Keani Canullo
Dancing Trees – Surfer with backdrop of trees
Dancing Trees
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