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Jim Phillips


Artist — Santa Cruz, California

Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips
Photo by Matt Barnes

Jim Phillips is a graphic artist best known for his skateboard, rock, and surf art. Born in San Jose in 1944, he has lived almost all his life in Santa Cruz, California. His signature “Woody” illustration and surf art appeared in many surfing publications during the 1960s. His earliest jobs were in various surfboard manufacturing shops, applying art and designs to surfboards. Jim has created more than 100 rock posters since 1967 for the likes of The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and The Surfaris. In the 1970s and ‘80s, Phillips was Art Director for Santa Cruz Skateboards and NHS Inc., where he created thousands of skateboard decks, t-shirts, stickers, product illustrations, and advertising art designs. Jim’s most iconic work is his ‘Screaming Hand’ graphic (1985), which is arguably one of the most recognisable graphics in the world and has been reproduced by countless artists over the years. In 2016-17, a tribute exhibit of his Screaming Hand involving over 200 artists travelled to 25 art venues worldwide. Jim has three books, Surf, Skate & Rock Art, Rock Posters, and The Skateboard Art.


Screaming Hand
Screaming Hand (1985)
Skateboard deck art
Hand Wave
Hand Wave (1992)
Surf City Classic poster
Surf City Classic poster (1995)
Woodies on the Wharf
Woodystock (1991)
The Hook
The Hook (2001)
Merc Woody
Merc Woody (1998)
Woody T
Woody T (1999)
Santa Cruz Skateboards logo
Santa Cruz Skateboards logo (1978)
Skateboard art
Mako (1999)
Banzai Buick
Banzai Buick (2000)
The Wharf
The Wharf (1992)
The Three Princes
The Three Princes (2002)
The first surfers in California
Fred Van Dyke
Fred Van Dyke (1982)
No Surfing
No Surfing (1991)
Surf Fair poster
Surf Fair poster (1965)
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