Club of the Waves

Jeff Yeomans


Artist — San Diego, California

Lifeguard tower in California

There is an underlying optimism that I hope comes across in my work. I consider myself very fortunate to have been raised in Southern California and to have had so many experiences growing up. That culture is what I still value and understand: surfing, art, travel, and my family. As a regional painter, I feel a responsibility to document California today in the same way the early California painters did in their era. I enjoy painting landscapes, especially when they help increase our awareness of our roles as conservators of the land. But I also hope that a study of an older neighborhood, of people working, or of dancers celebrating a part of their culture — all bring respect to, and celebrate the diversity of our region. Painting is a lot like surfing a wave. You commit and then adjust, balance risk with experience, and sometimes — the process of painting — is to just sit down and grab a brush, or paddle back out and do it again.

Surfer on beach with dog
Surfer on the beach
Female surfer sitting on surfboard
Californian coastal town street scene
California beach town front
Californian surfers sitting on wall at the beach
Sunset Surf Check
Surf shack on Californian beach
Girls in bikinis in the ocean
Surfers wading out
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