Club of the Waves

Jeanne Beuvin


Artist — Biarritz, France


Jeanne Beuvin (aka @lesfillesdusurf) is a young graphic designer with a passion for illustration, based in Biarritz, France. Her beautiful, colourful, inclusive, and non-discriminate illustrations focus on girls who surf. Prints are available to purchase on her website.

Before Sesh
Illustration of surfer tripping over leash
Nose Riding
Surfer girl running to the ocean
Curvy surfer girl
Curvy female surfers
Surfer girl with surfboard
Duck diving
Tose in the nose
Woman in bathing suit
Surfer print
Surfer waiting for waves
Surfer girls lying on surfboards
Beach babe
Surfer girl hugging surfboard
Surf Mama
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