Club of the Waves

Colleen Gnos


Artist — San Luis Obispo, California

Three surfers walking out to the waves

Colleen Gnos is best known on the central coast of California for her gold-scaled mermaids painted on surfboards or her idyllic scenes of surfers and breaking waves. Stories of her Portuguese grandfather running a tugboat out of Avila Beach, California, diving for abalone, and training navy divers in the 1930s contributed deeply to Colleen’s fascination with the sea. In the last few decades, Colleen has illustrated surfboards for renowned surfers and board shapers, and has shown her paintings across the United States and Italy. She has completed over 100 original painting commissions for private collectors.


Painting of a big wave breaking offshore
Female surfer sat in front of a surf break
Female surfer in red bikini holding surfboard on the beach
The Hobie
Painting of a mermaid kissing a deep sea diver
The Kiss
Female surfer holding surfboard above head
Wading Out
Vintage surf mobile car at the beach
Woody car parked in front of a wave
Mermaid kissing a diver under water
Laguna Beach Kiss
Surfer next to vintage car looking out at the surf
Beast at Velzyland
Naked woman laying on beach in front of a breaking wave
Venus of Pirates Cove
Mermaid and a diver embracing, painted on a surfboard
The Embrace
Lady hula dancing in front of waves
Big Sur Hula
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