Club of the Waves

Karl Mackie


Photographer — Cornwall, England

The Walkers
The Walkers

Karl is an accomplished UK photographer based in Newquay, Cornwall. His career spans more than a decade helping international brands find brave new visual directions and expressions. His images combine fashion, sports, surf, and lifestyle subjects, and are known for their instinctive and raw approach. Driven by his passion for adventure, Karl leads highly regarded outdoor photography workshops for both amateurs and professionals worldwide. Through these workshops, he shares his valuable experiences and insights with fellow photography and outdoors enthusiasts. As a dedicated surfer, he can often be found at his local surf spot or running along the many scenic trails in Cornwall.

Oahu Hawaii beachfront homes
Sepia tone ocean waves
Beach steps through sand dunes
Ocean view
Surfers sat on their surfboards in the ocean
Cornwall coast scene
Lone surfer walking on a Cornwall beach
Surfer silhouettes
Beautiful coastal cliffs
Yellow-tinted oceanfront photo
Grainy black and white photo of the ocean
Lifeguard tower on beach
Ocean waves
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