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Kalle Lundholm


Photographer — Gothenburg, Sweden

Surfer paddling

I was born and raised in Gothenburg, located on the west coast of Sweden. I have always enjoyed being close to the water. I am also a big fan of the sun, but we don’t get to see that one a lot around here. For the past six years, I’ve spent much of my time travelling. Discovering new places gives me new energy. It also boosts my creativity, which is why my interest in photography has evolved during this time. I love photography as a kind of art expression. Photography also goes hand-in-hand with my profession as a photo retoucher. It makes me happy to be able to work with the things I’m passionate about.

Sunset surfer
Sunset surfer
Swedish surfer
Underwater ocean
Surfers at sunset
Sunset silhouette surfers
Ocean island
Aerial surfer
Lone surfer
Lone sunset surfer
Uluwatu surf
Lombok surfer
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