Club of the Waves

Daniel Espírito Santo


Photographer — Baleal, Portugal

Nazaré (epic wave and surfer)

I am Daniel Espírito Santo, a self-taught photographer and cinematographer, living in Peniche, Portugal. My art grounds on infinite love for surfing, ever-going pursuit of simplicity, and an insatiable hunger for travel. Photographs I take are distinguished by energising landscapes, moments of bliss and adventurous spirit. Capturing nature as my boundless passion, I feature it with people, creating an emphatic and intimate atmosphere. The ocean always remains the essence of my photography; I greatly admire its power, impermanence and elegance. The art not only enables my self-expression but more importantly, it becomes a media for sharing and inviting to celebrate the unique chance of being alive.

Drone female surfers
Female surfer laying on surfboard
Female surfer with Fly Black Bird surfboard
Johny Vieira (artist and surfer)
Locas Diego (female surfer)
Sunset surfer
Beautiful woman in ocean
Travelling surfer
Locas Diego (female surfer)
Guilherme Fonseca (surfer)
Johny Vieira (artist and surfer)
Surfer and wave
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