Club of the Waves

The Turquoise Shadow


Photographer — Maui, Hawaii (via Portugal)

Taking Flight

A versatile and passionate creative originally from Portugal, he has made a significant impact across diverse industries throughout his career. With a strong background as a graphic designer, Carlos da Silva has worked on projects for numerous Fortune 500 clients, leaving a mark on their visual identities. His relocation to Hawaii ignited a creative reawakening within him, prompting him to once again pick up a camera and pursue his childhood passion for photography. Through the lens, his aim is to capture emotional tones that evoke a sense of liminality and inner reflection, aspiring to transcend narrative and invite viewers into an immersive and introspective experience through his photography.

Female surfer lying on surfboard
Two surfers riding a wave
Watch Me Fly
Looking out to sea with a surfer in the distance
Female surfer sitting on her surfboard
In Between Worlds
Silhouette of a surfer bailing on a wave
It’s a Feeling!
Shortboard surfer riding a wave
One Mind
Palm trees
Female surfer surfing in Hawaii
Black and white photo of surfer above a wave
Old surfer riding a wave
Woman suspended underwater
Old man surfer crouching on beach with surfboard
Ocean wave
Male and female surfer
Searching for a South Swell
Maui wildfire red sky over the ocean
An erderly couple on the beach with surfboards
Team Work
A crowd of surfer sitting and waiting in the ocean
Cropped photo of woman in a bikini
Interesting Person No6
Female surfer riding a small wave
Female surfer sitting on her surfboard, alone in the ocean
Black and white photo of a surfer riding a wave
Surfer photographer from shore
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