Club of the Waves

Breno Marques


Photographer — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Surfer: toes on the nose

I am a photographer from Brazil, a coffee lover, surfer, and a Hawaiian canoe paddler based in Rio de Janeiro. I got serious into photography since 2018 when I quit my job as an engineer, to go deeper into a work experience with more sense of purpose. Photography brings about constructive change in my life. It is an opportunity to work on self-knowledge, broaden my relationships and rescue my creativity in a very meaningful way. And it was through surf photography that I actually began to realize the power of influence of my work in other people’s lives. Eternize these unique moments, which only surf can provide, arouses very real emotions and connects me with the essential values of the surf culture, such as simplicity, respect, and reciprocity. In addition to surf photography, I also dedicate myself to nature and commercial photography for brands that share the same lifestyle.

Female surfer paddling out
Jasmim Avelino (female surfer)
Oscillations (surfer)
Evelin Neves in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Evelin Neves
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Pedro Scansetti
Rafael Guedes (surfer)
Surfer (speed blur)
Marcelo Amberger (surfer)
Brazilian surfers
Surfer’s feet (wetsuit)
Lidia Mariamm (female surfer reflection in water)
Wave in Brazil
Renata Parra (surfer)
Female surfer
Women surfers
Black and white wave
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