Club of the Waves

Ron Croci


Artist — Torrance, California

Waikiki, circa 1700

Ron Croci is more than just an accomplished multi-media artist with 30 years of commercial and fine art experience. He continuously searches for new and different ways of expressing his love for the ocean. As a watersports enthusiasts, surfer and diver, his paintings depict joyful scenes of women in watersports, ocean landscapes, and beachscapes. Ron’s artistic history began in the 1970s with a unique surrealistic style reflecting the tumultuous events of current society. As time progressed and after numerous showings in prominent galleries and museums throughout the United States, his artistic themes evolved into more landscapes and expressive figurative art. At heart, Ron is first and foremost a fine artist, continuously perfecting his nationally-recognized vibrant figurative art and beachscape themes.


An Ali’i ordering a new surfboard
Lime and Soda
Where The Waters Part
Lymans Surf Break, Kona
Roxy Jam Biarritz poster (2007)
Hawaiian, circa 1700
Gunslinger, Hawaii, circa 1917
The Legend of Kelea
Yellow Dawn
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