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Nick Kuchar


Artist — Oahu, Hawaii (via Florida)

Surf Check
Surf Check

I’m an Oahu based artist and I create vintage-inspired surf and travel art featuring our favorite locations of this ‘āina we call home. I’m inspired by the early days of surfing and beach culture, including the vintage color palette, typography, and nostalgia that goes with it. Surfing has always been a part of who I am, from my days growing up in Florida to now paddling out with my twin toddlers at surf breaks around Oahu, Hawaii. Catching waves, spending time at the beach with my wife and twins, listening to Muddy Waters, and driving my VW bus are a few of my favorite things. My creative process takes me throughout the Hawaiian islands where I look for inspiration paddling out at surf breaks and going on hikes. I take onsite sketches and photographs into my studio where I use a mix of acrylic washes and digital illustration to bring my vision of these locales to life.

Koolau Weekender
Koolau Weekender
Party Wave
Party Wave
Canoes, Waikiki
Nick Kuchar
Nick Kuchar
Wahiawa (Kukaniloko birth stones)
Kukaniloko birth stones
Sunset Beach – He’e Nalu
He'e Nalu
Sunset Beach, Hawaii
Queen Kapi’olani Hotel lobby art
Aloha Waikiki
Queen Kapi'olani Hotel lobby art
Diamond Head Crater, Waikiki
Diamond Head Crater
Single Cab For Cutie
Single Cab For Cutie
Waimea Bay, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Waimea Bay
North Shore, Oahu
Haleiwa, Hawaii
Gateway to the North Shore
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