Club of the Waves

George Bates


Artist — Brooklyn, New York

Surfing mixed media

George Bates specialises in illustration, hand lettering, and public art. Born in ’68, he grew up surfing in New Jersey and moved to New York City in ’86. He’s been surfing various New York breaks ever since thanks to the technological advances in winter wetsuits, internet forecasting, and the MTA. “I’m interested in what an image reveals as the only thing of value about illustration or art is what it brings one think or feel”. When he’s not creating thoughtful images he’s probably surfing, or thinking about surfing, and how it’s a metaphor for everything. Check out George Bates’ collaboration with David Carson for the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York and France.

Typographic surf art
Big Surf
The Garden
The Conceptual Surfer
Surf NYC
Surf NYC
Mixed media surf art
George Bates art
Long Wave
Surf art
Surf typography
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