Club of the Waves

Myles McGuinness


Photographer — Oceanside, California

‘Big Wednesday’ at Blacks Beach, California

There’s the viewpoint behind the lens and then there’s the rare perspective of being deep in it, just out of frame. That’s where you’ll find Myles. Although well educated in technique and technology, McGuinness excels at extreme personal connection just as he does in extreme environments. He’s a waterman and cameraman. A fine artist backed with facts. And a photographer whose precision focus coexists with a broad depth of field. Instead of dictating, he integrates, shifting roles to fit the project, crew, client and shot at hand. Everything else just gets in the way of the idea.


Abstract surfer
Surfer girl
Big wave
Surfer girl
Beach and coastline
Surfboard mounted on cat sunset
Big wave surfer
In the barrel looking out
Silhouette longboard surfer
Ocean wave power
Waxing surfboard
Wave framed
Dark stormy wave
Silhouette sunset surfer
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